The GeoShield Law Enforcement Mission integrates resources from your existing information environment to arm your agency’s officers with tools to equip them with live feeds, direct records management system information, and crime incident management

Real Time Data Analysis

  • Records Management System
  • Computer Aided Dispatch
  • Automatic Vehicle Location
  • License Plate Readers and more

Specialized Workflows

  • Incident Planning
  • Crime Mapping
  • Command Dashboard
  • Cell Tower Analysis
  • Spatial Filtering and Correlation Analysis

Integrated Social Media Tools

  • Keyword Search
  • Location Based Results
  • 3rd Party Social Media Providers

The GeoShield Law Enforcement Mission is specifically designed to increase your agency’s ability to reduce crime, promote citizen safety and increase officer safety. Built with an intuitive interface, easy to understand tools, and direct connection to many of your agency’s everyday information sources, the law enforcement mission provides immediate results which increase productivity and place information into your officer’s hands.
The GeoShield Crime Analysis Mission is designed to unlock the hidden power of your agency’s information systems and provide powerful intelligence that allows every officer and staff member to visualize trends and crime fluctuations

Statistical Analysis

  • Core Implementation
  • Situational Awareness
  • Trend Analysis

Predictive Analysis Tools

  • Analyze Real-Time Incidents
  • Make Informed Decisions
  • Dynamic Hotspot Monitoring


  • Charting and Graphing
  • Trend Reporting
  • Statistical Reporting

Crime Trends

  • Crime Specific Trends
  • Overall Trend Identification
  • Hotspot Mapping

Resource Allocation

  • Targeted Enforcement
  • Raid Planning
  • Event Management


  • Attribute and Keyword Search
  • Proximity Analysis
  • Active Event Notification and Triggers

The Crime Analysis Mission provides your agency true analytic capabilities. By providing accurate information from your agency’s environment, your officers will be able to make informed tactical, strategic, and administrative decisions which will increase officer productivity and accountability.
The GeoShield Insight Mission is a secure “Home Page” where every member of your agency can create, share, and store information and intelligence in Real Time

Agency Home Page

  • Gain valuable Insight
  • View and publish Bulletins
  • Share Information
  • Create agency wide Alerts

Crime Bulletins

  • Crime Updates
  • Increase Awareness
  • User Collaboration

Wanted Lists

  • Wanted List Highlights
  • Current Crime Trend Updates
  • Offender Bulletins

GeoShield recognizes the importance of crime and intelligence bulletins. The GeoShield Insight Mission enables these documents to become living collaborations which are viewable from the field or desktop the moment they are created. The digital content management capabilities establish a standard method for creating and storing any type of media or document for use by your entire agency.
The GeoShield Corrections Mission provides a map based view of the facility designed to increase officer and inmate safety, and improve overall productivity and operational accountability

Inmate Safety

  • Create Alerts
  • Share Information
  • Store Information

Analyze Trends

  • Inmate Visitor Logs
  • Inmate associations

Support investigations

  • Command Dashboard
  • Track Inmate Activities
  • Operational Workflows

The GeoShield Corrections Mission integrates your jail management system and other data sources within a spatial environment. The facility map is designed around the internal architecture and layout of the facility which also includes physical security information and alerts. Your PSIM is enhanced with GeoShield, integrating live alert notifications, display of video feeds, access point notifications, and security notifications within your facility. Through a simple and intuitive interface, users will be able to display, analyze and share information to track inmate and officer activities throughout the facility to support investigations.

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