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    About GeoShield

  • Cisco Smart City | IoT Solutions

    GeoShield is now available fully integrated with Cisco Kinetic, a next generation cloud based IoT platform, that is being used to build the framework of smart cities worldwide. GeoShield provides advanced visualization, analytics and workflow capabilities for Cisco Kinetic Safety and Security Solution and helps protect cities against crime and emergencies.

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  • Coming Soon
    GeoShield 4.0

    Quickly Integrate, Analyze, and Deliver Real Time Actionable Intelligence

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GeoShield is a comprehensive crime analytics and collaboration product. GeoShield integrates data from your agency's environment such as:
CAD, RMS, AVL, IP Camera Systems, and other public safety data.
With GeoShield users gain valuable insight, driving informed decision making to construct the best overall operating picture.

Real Time Data Analysis

Real Time access and analysis of the your agency's data

Predictive Analytics and Crime Trends

Simplified crime analytics that enable your agency to analyze past and current trends to determine future impacts


Homepage, Dashboard, Tools facilitate collaboration and informed decision making

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